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AHFrancis Beauty and Wellbeing Group grew from a wellness and beauty business started in 1988.  It is now a beauty entrepreneurship training company and product provider in the lash industry.  In addition in 2010, the Sleep Guru was born.  Alison’s own journey involved many years of insomnia which affected everything from her relationships to her business.  Her own training and research in yoga and Ayurveda led her to the solutions she’s now offering from The Sleep Guru.  Alison Francis’s spiritual name, Anandi, was given to her by her guru in India in 2007.

The AHFrancis beauty and wellbeing group support a number of charities in India and Alison is an ambassador for Helping Hands in India.  Helping Hands built a school for children in Northern India.  It is entirely run by volunteers and funding from donations